Adding a datepicker to Prestashop Customization Fields

In this quick tip we will see how to enable the jquery date picker for Prestashop customization fields

Watch the screencast

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  • Vladimir Rodichev

    Hi. add me please +79625251950 WhatsApp or Telegram. Please.

  • Joemarie Alterado Dacillo

    Hi Nemops, the datepicker works well when the customization field is set to not required but when I set it as required I’m prompted with this alert “Please fill in all of the required fields, and then save your customizations.” Thank you

  • MIKE

    Hi i like this Hack ;) is it possible to make it in Prestashop
    can you update your Tutorial please .
    Greetings from Cologne Germany Mike

    • NemoPS

      Hi Mike! Thanks for your comment :)
      I would like to as I understand several users have upgraded to 1.7, but unfortunately I am not much into that version yet, so I can’t really do it anytime soon (maybe at some point, but definitely not now).
      If you are interested, you can have a look at our “1.6 upgrade” project named ThirtyBees at

      That’s the one I actively support now :) I am sure you would find it better than 1.7 in a lot of ways!

  • restaller

    Hello Nemo, I have followed the tutorial. But I found a problem. At the time of to add the product to your cart appears a message saying that I should (don’t remember the message) complete customizable field.The field has a value, but it is as if there is no value in the field.

    • NemoPS

      It has a value…but it doesn’t? I don’t understand. Did you save the customization before adding it to the cart?

      • restaller

        Thanks for answering. Yes, I have applied the changes and this message appears:

        “Please fill in all required before saving the customization fields.”

        I leave a screenshot:

        This is the code I used:

        $(document).ready(function() {



        And this is the line of controller:


        • Nuno Rosado

          same error for me if you dont use required field that is working!

        • NemoPS

          It’s odd as I made it required too, and it was working. I recall an old bug about this, having to do with character encoding or something like that. Try to debug from here

          if (!$product->hasAllRequiredCustomizableFields() && !$this->customization_id)


          I’d check the first method, then the customization id, and proceed from there

        • nuno rosado

          do you now how to use the add cart button to save auto the customization?

        • restaller

          Have you found the solution Nuno? I have not gotten anything

        • Nuno

          no nothing my slution was date not required and other text field with required

        • Matt Pavitt

          Hi Nemo, thanks for this tutorial. I followed it and got the datepicker up, but I have a couple of problems. The first is I have 2 texts fields, and the datepicker shows in both. Can I show datepicker in one text field only? The 2nd problem is that after adding the datepicker I no longer have the save button or UPLOAD button showing. I’m using Prestashop with the default theme. If I don’t add text fields, and only use file field, then the SAVE & UPLOAD buttons reappear. I hope you can help? Thank you.

        • NemoPS

          Yup, you can, you just have to give each a separate ID and target that. Check if you have any javascript error for the other issue

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You like the tuts and want to say "thank you"? Well, you can always feel free to donate: