FREE PrestaShop Module: Product Access

With this Free PrestaShop Module, you can finally restrict single products’ access by customer group.

By default, PrestaShop only lets us restrict access by customer group for categories. This however, is very limiting if you want to create premium products, only available to a certain customer base. With this completely free PrestaShop Module, you can define access for each customer group, product by product.

Download for Free Here!

Core Features

  • Compatible with all standard modules
  • Hide products pages from the sight, by group
  • Hide products from search results
  • Great for wholesalers! Create a premium set of products with complete freedom on the category!

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  • KikiBlau WebDesign

    Hi, I’m trying to download this module from days but I have always the same website maintenance message.
    Is it still possible to download it or not?

  • Sv My

    I have installed and activated the module. However, I failed to save the updated access setting. It just return to the same value as it was. i.e. Visitors, Guests and Customers are always the three allowed group.

  • Robertino Vasilescu

    Apparently it confuses the PS layered module which stops working with error:
    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to private method BlockLayered::getSelectedFilters() from context ‘BlockLayeredOverride’

    Prestashop default theme (and other themes as well)

  • Boris

    Partly, Nemo. It is a bit more complicated since the group in question shall be dependent on the field “company” of ps_customers .
    In other words if a customer registers and fills in the field “company” the customer shall be “grouped automatically”/assigned to a certain group. E.g. “Business Customers”.

    Then I know that Prestashop itsself has already the tools to restrict for ex. payment options to customer groups and I could restrict my invoice payment to only this “Business Customers” group.

    I am looking for this restriction that is dependent of the filled “company” field in ps_customers. At least I think so, since I am sadly no programmer.

  • NemoPS

    If you mean only allowing certain payment options to specific customer groups, it’s already possible from the group options and modules access area :)

  • Boris

    Hello Nemo,

    thank you one again for your great contributions to the Prestashop community.

    I think I really can use this module and more important I was looking for something similiar. I want to offer a payment option only to a defined customer group.
    Those who enter additonally data about their business when signing in with adress data. So, this payment module I have in mind – a simple invoice payment – shall be accessible only to buisnesses and restricted from ‘normal’ privat persons.
    Well, thinking about it it would also make sense to show it to friends and familiy, too :)
    So, the module doing this should have the option to choose certain customer groups.

    To make it work, I think the easiest would be to check whether the field “business/firm” is filled. If not we may give the customer a chance to fill it during checkout.

    Is there a chance you could get this together for us?


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You like the tuts and want to say "thank you"? Well, you can always feel free to donate: