Ongoing changes

You may have alredy noticed, but recently I changed some bits of the blog and added something to the store.

Just to plug myself a little bit, I decided to change the upper portion of the website to showcase something from the Portfolio. I also added a not-so-small (!) call to action to let you know that I am free for hire in case you need somebody to code/design something for you! Yeah, that’s a mere pluging… but it also is the #1 rule of the Freelancer: let others know you are available. And even if this blog is more about Prestashop than anything else, I just wanted you to know that I also code/design for WordPress.

But aside from this, to which you are probably not interested at all, here is some sauce to the post: You can now checkout as guest in the addons store. And this means you won’t have to bore yourself in finding a fake phone number to input just for downloading a module. YEP! That was so ANNOYING.

Furthermore, the only info you are now requested to input when buying something, whether you register or not, are your Name, Last Name, E-Mail, and, of course, a password. Nothing else.

So, if you haven’t still checked out the store, i strongly advice you to do it, since you might just find the module you were looking for.

And again (am I being repetitive? Yeah) if you need a developer/coder for Prestashop, WordPress or anything else… you know. Hire me!

Be sure to keep in touch, I’ll probably be releasing something HOT in the next few days.

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You like the tuts and want to say "thank you"? Well, you can always feel free to donate: