Prestashop 1.7 beta preview

Prestashop 1.7 beta came out last week, let’s see how it has improved since the early alpha version we saw already

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  • NemoPS

    Thanks for commenting.
    About the ids, I think Lesley Paone gave a good explanation of my thought on gitter. The point is not having them at the beginning or at the end (thing that can currently be changed actually, from the back office). The point is prestashop’s tendency of going the opposite way of users’ requests.

    This is critical. Forgive me, but it’s not like you can take off a fundamental feature because it’s bugged. It was actually pretty much working on 1.6, so I don’t see any point in stripping it now, where everyone asks nothing but quicker checkouts (just see how many opc modules you have out there)

    • Julien Bourdeau

      Did you really think the checkout was slow in PrestaShop 1.7? It’s a real question since I find it much faster even without ajax.
      OPC modules exit because ours was buggy and 5 steps checkout was long and annoying. I agree that OPC are better and thats why we’re only doing this way but ajax doesn’t necessarily means fast.

      • NemoPS

        No, the problem is the actual number of clicks.
        Being able to glance everything about the order in a single step is a big advantage from my point of view.
        Also, no, opc modules came out because people wanted to be able to see carriers and payments before adding any address, or to have payments trigger on the same page, and so on.
        Indeed, ajax doesn’t necessarily mean fast, but it is the current standard and I think prestashop shouldn’t step backwards

        • Marc

          Hi Guys,

          Thanks for your inputs. As a shop owner I’m following the discussions because we want to move as quickly as possible to 1.7 (but not any quicker:).

          Regarding OPC I tend to agree with Nemo. The main thing we care about is conversion. Maximizing conversion means taking away as many physical and psychological barriers as possible. In checking out the number of clicks should be reduced to the absolute minimum and all relevant information should be available at all times. Therefore, IMHO not having a transparent, professional and intuitive OPC hurts conversion exactly at the point where it matters most: during check-out. In 1.6 we are using a third party OPC, but we would much prefer a PS solution.

          Personally I like Ajax, but it’s not a sine-qua-non. Also regarding the ids in the URL I’m less dogmatic if this is the best technical solution.

          In general I feel PS is moving in the right direction by building this platform for the future. But please, make sure it is stable. Especially the product-languages and multi-store aspects. In 1.6 we are experiencing a lot of problems which is one of the reasons we want to move to 1.7 asap. Keep up the good work!

          All the best,

  • Julien Bourdeau


    Thanks for making a screencast of PrestaShop Beta, I hope people will want to try it afterwards.

    Just a few remarks I have in mind, mostly about the front office.

    Ids in URLs.
    This has been going on for a long time at PrestaShop. My understanding is that ids are bad if you only use ids but prestashop uses pretty urls. Stackoverflow uses ids in urls.
    I thought about something while watching the video, what do you think if we move ids **at the end** of the URL ?
    Ids in the url is the only bug-free way, removing them will cause bugs (page with same URL)

    Changeable layouts.
    If the category page is messed up when you change the layout in backoffice, this is a bug and it will be fixed. I didn’t notice it before the beta (this has been introduce few months ago). I’m also working on an refactoring of the category and product list extension system. I’ll fix this at the same time :) Thanks for your feedback.

    The point of removing ajax is that it was the most bug-free way. We wanted to avoid any issue with javascript, markup changes, not in-sync data and such so we decided to reload the page.
    I think ajax is doable, or at least it will be doable for a theme developer before final release. We tried to speed up the page as much as possible as well.

    Thanks again :)

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You like the tuts and want to say "thank you"? Well, you can always feel free to donate: