Prestashop Module: Nemo’s Prestashop Slider available!

Hey fellows! I’m proud to announce that my new Prestashop module called “Nemo’s Prestashop Slider” (pretty selfish, huh?) is finally available in the store. You can find it here:

Prestashop Modules store – Nemo’s Prestashop Slider

Live demo: here

Here is a short video on how to configure the module, with a brief explaination of its functionalities

Prestashop Module: Nemo’s Prestashop Slider Screencast


Now, what does this module do? As the name suggests it’s a full featured slideshow module for our favorite e-commerce software. It will allow you to create a fancy carousel for your shop, with the ability to add full html content in captions.

Prestashop Module - Nemo's Prestashop Slider Front office

So, it will be no problem if you want to change the text on your ad because it’s not effective as it should. You will not need to go back and edit the base image! You can go to th modules page, and edit the content of the slide. Nothing more! PLUS the content is fully translatable. Oh-yeah. I don’t know of any other slider for prestashop with this functionality (or maybe i’m just plugging myself :)).

I’ve based the module on the known Skitter Slider jQuery Plugin. So, credits for the animation and sliding stuff go to Thiago S. F.

But that’s just scratching the surface. The carousel also comes with a secondary slider in the lower lower portion, where you’ll be able to add any of your products, categories, manufacturers or suppliers. If you ever wanted to showcase a list of your brands like they do on (bottom of the page), you’ll now be able to do it without effort. The only thing you’ll have to do will be adding the item id in back office, choose an item type, and click add. The module will take care of the rest, like setting up the proper name, according to the current language, grab an image (you’ll have to create a new image type called “band” before doing this), and set up a link to the corresponding page. Cool, huh?

Plus, you can also use this place to showcase your best products, or categories… or whatever!

The “Band” slider is powered by the Stepcarousel script of DynamicDrive.

So, if you need a slider module for Prestashop which is cheap enough, and extremely powerful and customizable, just head over to the store and grab it! For the first week it will be only 39,90 euros, then the regular cost will be 49,90.


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  • Maury Markowitz

    Minor product suggestion: when the slider transitions, the picture comes in, then the text rolls up. Looks great! But when you first go to the page from somewhere else, the text is already there. It think the picture should be there, but the text should roll in like on a transition.

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You like the tuts and want to say "thank you"? Well, you can always feel free to donate: