Prestashop Module: Rich Text Footer. Available now!

Today I’m launching my latest little module child: Rich Text footer, a Prestashop footer module that allows you to create handsome html footer content directly from the back office, and with the visual editor! Oh, and of course, it’s fully translatable.

And the cool thing is that it’s really cheap. Enough with struggling with templates, recompilations and stuff like that just to add a bit of text, or a small image to the footer of your store. Want to make it really fancy? Head over to the store and find out what my module offers!

Prestashop Module: Rich Text Footer on Nemo’s Post Scriptum Addons store

Let’s say you want to add some information about your company, perhaps a bit of copy text to breakdown your goals and business. What would you do with Prestashop? You could try to use translations and edit some of the texts already there, but then you’d be limited, and the text over there is just some simple strings. Geez! Ok, so what about editing the template? Okay, that might work, but what if you want to change the text sometime in the future? Editing the template again, over and over and over…! And, of course, you should know Smarty Templating, html, and css.

This, until now!

With Rich Text Footer, you’d just go to the module’s configuration page, add the bit of text, an image floated to the right, maybe a logo, and submit it. Nothing more! And the cool thing is, that it is fully translatable in every language of your shop.

So, to sum up, you won’t have to be restricted to strings, and won’t need to know a single coding language do use my Rich Text Footer Module.

Bold text? No problem. Headings? Go ahead! The visual editor that comes default with Prestashop, and that was for some reason limited on 1.5, has been beautifully implemented, and can help you add just what you want. Here is a screenshot of the configuration page in Prestashop 1.5’s back office

Prestashop Module: Rich Text Footer

As you can see all of the rich text editor commands are there to be used. I’m still wondering why some of them have been removed from Prestashop 1.5… well, maybe I’ll make a tutorial on how to re-enable them by default, what do you say?

Had enough sauciness? No? Here is the installation video, to whatch the module in action.

Prestashop Module: Rich Text Footer Installation Guide


Be sure you don’t miss it! And be also sure to keep in touch, since next week I’ll be releasing a couple of interesting tips, along with day 6 of the 101 series: Prestashop Modules.

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