Prestashop Module: Search by Category updated!

I am pleased to announce my Search by category module for Prestashop has finally been updated to support 1.6 at its best, and multistore as well. It also comes with a great new feature!


If you didn’t buy the module before, then now it’s the right time! It’s fully compatible with multistore, at last, will have the price cut down to 19.99 euros for a week and has an amazing new feature. If you hated the fact that prestashop forced you typing a product name that begun with the search query, then your pain is over! Since version 2.0, the search by category module supports a middle-of-a-word search on all Prestashop Versions.
What does it mean? Quite simply, if you have a product named Blouse, you had to search for Blou, Blouse or anything like that before. Now, you can simply turn on the back office option of this module to be able to find results with louse, ouse… whatever inbetween string! Here is a video demo of the module:

Core Features

  • Full Multistore support
  • 2 block positions
  • Easily manage categories included in search option from back-office
  • Instant search and Ajax search available if activated in your shop.
  • More accurate page result description based on category
  • Cuts down the number of clicks
  • Saves your customer’s time!
  • Filter by parent category in Back office, to easily find categories to add
  • Search in the middle of words

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  • stella Georgakopoulou

    I would like to know what exactly do you mean by “Full Multistore support”. Is it possible to search through multiple shops using this module?

    Thanks in advance

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You like the tuts and want to say "thank you"? Well, you can always feel free to donate: