Prestashop Modules Fixer – soon to be released!

I am proud to announce the Prestashop Modules Fixes will soon be available. The ultimate tool for Prestashop Addons Contributors.

For the last e months I’ve been working on a massive project aimed to help developers get their modules published on the Official Addons store, and I’m glad to announce it took the shape or the Prestashop Modules Fixer tool, whose beta will be open this February.

Prestashop Modules Fixer Functionality

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Why a fixer?

The Prestashop Cloud project has launched, and this means more and more users will only be able to install modules coming from the official Prestashop Addons Store. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary for every developer selling Prestashop Modules to sell products on the official marketplace as well, and avoid losing (or increase, why not!) a big portion of the market. If you ever tried  publishing anything on Prestashop Addons, you will have noticed it’s necessary to run all modules through the Prestashop Modules Validator before even thinking about submitting it. And if you did that, you might have been hit by a whopping thousand of errors or so. That is why I came up with this Prestashop Modules Fixer!

What will it do?

  • Fix all Prestashop Standards Errors except “global” usage
  • Add missing module names and fixes wrong ones
  • Add all missing licenses to all file types
  • Wipe out the nasty Missing Escapes error
  • Generate all the missing index files

After the beta period it’s going to be a paid project, so don’t miss the chance to try it for free during the beta!

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