Prestashop Search by Attribute now available in the addons store!

The Prestashop Search by Attribute module lets your customers easily reach products that best meet their needs and likes using a progressive search

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I am glad to announce that a new, supercool module is finally available in my Prestashop Addons Store: it’s called Search by Attribute, and as the name suggests, you can use it to add an attribute aware progressive search to your shop. The cool thing is that customers will be able to search throughout all the site, not only in category pages, thus overcoming the bad limit the Layered Navigation block had. Here is the video demo for the module, followed by its description and core features.


If you’re unsatisfied by the default Layered navigation module that comes with Prestashop, you’ve landed in the right place. The Search by attribute module allows you to dramatically enhance your customers’ user experience by letting them use an attribute step-search in all pages of your store. So, if you sell cars which have color as an attribute, in all pages, and not only in category ones, they will be free to look for a specific color they like.

It’s structured as a progressive search: this means that the more steps refine search, don’t kill it. So, if the color choice was step one, and year is step 2, customers who chose black, and now select 2002, will be presented with a list of black cars, produced in 2002. The possibilities are endless! This also mean that you’ll never be presented with attributes that lead to a sad “No results for this search” page. Your customers will always get results for their search, positively affecting their mood while surfing in your store.

You can mix up attributes just like you want with no restrictions at all. You can add as many steps as you want, andn they will be fully translatable of course.

The module also cuts down waiting times by using ajax to present the list in the center column. No page refresh will be needed, enhancing your customers’ experience and cutting down their waiting time.

Core Features

  • Search by attributes in all pages without restriction
  • Powered by  jQuery Ajax: no page refresh needed for search or navigation
  • Superfast thanks to attributes caching
  • Fully translatable
  • Hides attributes which lead to “No results”

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  • Vincent

    Thanks for your great module. before I recommend it to my client, I need to know if you think it is compatible with this module :

    This module allows you to create and display attributes with multiple choices.

    I pray for the answer to be yes! :-)

    Thanks in advance and congratulations on your great work.

    • Nemo

      What do you mean with multiple choices? In any case you can find a demo if you visit the store’s product page :)

      • Vincent

        Hi Nemo,

        What I mean is by default you can select one value for one attribute using a radio button or a dropdown. The module I gave the url to in my original post allows to select more than one value for one attribute. For instance, it allows you to choose red, blue and yellow for the color attribute.
        So my question was, do you think your module can work with that one? :-)

        Many thanks in advance.

        • Nemo

          I see, I don’t know that module so I can’t give you 100% guarantee it is compatible

  • Nemo

    no, not at the moment, the search is global

  • Sam

    Hi Nemo,

    Is it possible to set different searchable attributes depending on the category that is being viewed? I sell a range of differing products that do not share attributes across categories.


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You like the tuts and want to say "thank you"? Well, you can always feel free to donate: