Prestashop Ticket System Module: now available!

I’m glad to announce that my brand new Prestashop Module: Prestashop Ticket System, is now available in my Addons store!

You can buy the module here

I annouced it in my latest Prestashop 101 series entry, and here it finally is! With this module, you can basically add a full-featured Ticket System to Prestashop, thus overcoming the horrible integrated Customer Service. The module has its own backend, so that you won’t mess with the original messages. Here is a brief about the core features:

  • Plug and play: install it, and you’re ready to receive the first ticket
  • Separate back office interface: no more messing with Prestashop dumb message threads!
  • Unlimited statuses/departments: you can add as many as you want, all translatable
  • Email notifications when a ticket is updated
  • Employees assignment: each ticket can be assigned to an employee to avoid confusion
  • File attachments
  • Customers can rate your service



And here is th module’s description:

Prestashop’s way to manage customer support is definitely not sufficient for any store which strives to offer a professional service to their customers. With this module, you overcome the software’s flaws and can finally use a sophisticated and professional support system that can greatly enhance your customer service’s efficiency.

Thanks to this Prestashop Ticket System, your customers will be able to open support tickets in their account page, and will always be able to access these anytime. The module comes with a separate back-end interface, so that it is, in fact a full-featured, stand-alone Ticket System for our favorite e-commerce software. Each message can be accompanied with an attachment, and both you and the customer will be instantly notified on the updates of the tickets.

From the back office, you will not only be able to keep track of tickets and answer them. You will also assign the ticket to an employee, to avoid having 2 people working on the same one at the same time, filter through new tickets and add departments and statuses as you please.

As already stressed A Live Demo is available on request!

Finally, the demo video:

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