03 Jun
Extending Prestashop objects

Properly extending Prestashop Objects

Extending Prestashop Objects in the proper way can be a hit-and-miss process because of the uneven core structure. In this tutorial we will add a whole new custom field to the product class and see how to make it editable from the back office.

18 Feb
Create new pages for your Prestashop store

Creating new pages for your Prestashop store

Prestashop has lots of pages to display specific stuff, but it may not be enough. What if we want to show all of our products to the customer, for example? We’d need a brand new page with its controller. Let’s see how easy it’s become to add new pages to Prestashop since 1.5.

23 Aug
Prestashop Hooks

A deeper look at Prestashop Hooks

Today, we are going to cover one of the most overlooked feature of Prestashop: Hooks. I’ll be teaching you what these mysterious entities really are, and how to bend them to your will, and bring your site to the next level of customization.