PrestaShop 1.7 is out, here is why it is a failure

Last monday PrestaShop 1.7 has been released. Let’s see why it is a huge step backwards, driving the company dangerously downhill.

Following my previous post on why PrestaShop 1.7 will be a catastrophe, I thought it was high time to update my thoughts on it, given its official release. Have they changed? No. Here is why.

Slow slow slow

PrestaShop 1.7 is clearly slower than its predecessor. The installation itself (on localhost) took me over 10 minutes because of the page load, and kept hanging on the database connection settings. The new architecture is heavier, meaning it will need a better machine to run the same shop with the same performance. And this, for a merchant, means a bigger investment.

Ugly Design

PrestaShop has never shined for its template, but 1.6’s one was above the average level of a generic, free E-Commerce Platform. Whoever designed the “Classic” theme for PrestaShop 1.7 mistook “essential” with “poor”. This new theme is not “clean”, but rather just empty.
It looks bad, it feels bad and it’s lacking things more than being simplified. It’s dominantly starking white, and let’s just forget about images missing in the category header.
It’s not possible to set images for the top menu, which in return looks barely more than the result of a simple tutorial on creating mega menus.
In the product page, room for the long description has been sacrificed in favor of… nothing?
If you write a little more than a couple of lines (as you normally would, adding extra descriptions and media for the item) you will find yourself with a completely useless half of the page.

Ugly Urls

Some wise guy thought using a single id for each product was not enough. Hence, products with attributes now have 2 IDs in the url, one for the product itself, another for the combination. A plethora of us developers (including me) have developed their own versions of pretty urls, but the core team evidently thinks it’s not something merchants would want in 2016. Of course.

No bug fixes

Have you visited the PrestaShop Forge recently? I did.
Have a look at the bug reports VS fixes metrics on 1.6:
PrestaShop Bug Tracker MetricsIs it really necessary to release a new version, leaving all these things unsolved?
The Development Team Leader Julien Martin stated 1.7 is not a release about bug fixing. Indeed, but they are still there.

No new features

In the article about the 1.7 release on the PrestaShop Development blog, Xavier Borderie mentions “a number of major features”. Let’s see what they are, according to him:
Symfony 2, new Default Theme and Starter Theme, New Product Back office, reworked modules page, reworked main menu.
Should we dissect them for a second?
Symfony 2: given the fact it’s only been implemented in 2 pages of the back office, it’s not really implemented in all the shop. The front office still uses Smarty.
Themes: I already said enough about the classic one, while the Starter Theme is simply one without any css or js.
New Product Back Office: I give him a point there, it’s the only new feature.
Reworked modules page: More following below
Reworked main menu: They just shuffled items and put some together, so that you have to click more to reach a page you were previously able to see right away (try to reach the customer groups page )
Are these new features? No. Only one is.

Core features removed

Here follows a list of features to which we bid adieu (seems appropriate) with the advent of PrestaShop 1.7:

One Page Checkout (!)
Cart Dropdown (!)
Advanced Stock Management
Font Awesome
Theme Configurator
Live search in the modules section, you have to hit enter
Send to a friend
Ajax removed from order history

Advertisement, plenty of.

As merchant, what would you like to see when you first click on the modules list? I would expect a page where I can configure modules. Things work differently at PrestaShop’s HQ. Apparently, what they like to see when they are configuring their shop is Advertisement. The first page we are presented with, as soon as we click on “modules”, is a nice list of “modules and services selected for you”. Nice.

Still no documentation

During the 1.7 installation process, you are embarrassingly given a link to the 1.6 documentation. Why is PrestaShop still lacking a decent official resource where to look for in case of issues?
Why is there still no sign of a real developer guide? I am guessing nobody really knows the code base.
We are given no indication at all, if any hint on the development blog. The code is not only not documented, it’s not even commented. Developers and users are just left on their own, trying to figure out the ins and outs of each feature, if it ever makes sense.
EDIT: It seems there is a work-in-progress documentation, as Krystian Podemski pointed out in the comments: although it seems a bit confused to me.

Messed up code

As previously stated, 1.7 comes with a mixed architecture between the old code and Symfony 2. Some pages in the back office use Symfony, some modules use namespaces, the front office theme still uses Smarty, but differently. Overrides are formally deprecated but still available, because there is no valid alternative. Honestly, what should a developer do? Update modules? How, and why, when the core team doesn’t have a clear idea of the next steps, either?

The Puffin won’t save the day

The sad truth, PrestaShop, is that having a mascot won’t save the day. Updating visuals, making pretty commercials, full of dreams and promises, and then coming up with a software that’s a huge step backwards is not the way to go.
I solidarize with John James, who wrote an article on, pointing out the faults of the company’s recent decisions. The new CEO, despite making things look prettier, didn’t bring anything good to PrestaShop, and is actually driving it downhill, through a path that will systematically push away every new potential user.
Using the software as bait to make money, by reducing its features, selling people what was previously given for free, is not on the path to popularity. Nor it will bring any growth, and Google Trends clearly show that the interest in PrestaShop is slowly, but constantly decaying.
PrestaShop is sinking, and it will drown unless they change their mentality for good.
We, developers, merchants, who survived and made a living thanks to it so far, can only hope for the good to happen. In the meantime, we will keep supporting 1.6, and, why not, continue to develop and fix bugs, even if just on our own, at least paying attention to our user base.

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  • NemoPS

    Hi Mikey,
    My view hasn’t changed, I just happen to find more people needing help in the prestashop forum. Thirtybees has less bugs, and people have more specific needs. That said, I work behind the scenes, I just don’t commit cause others do with my code, I am not a fan of github.

  • Paul D

    Hi Nemo, is PS1.7 still a fail now in October 2018?
    Just found out PS1.6 is no longer going to be supported and not keen on moving to 1.7 if it’s still a disaster.
    Can you advise whether we should be looking at OpenCart or WooCommerce now?

    • NemoPS

      Hi Paul,
      Well, I still don’t like it. It’s still pretty slow, buggy, and messy, unfortunately. Thirtybees would be a better choice in my opinion

      • Paul D

        I had a new client in June briefly on PS1.7 and I had a lot of issues customising 1.7. Thankfully that client has moved on to bigger and better things. Well at least I hope so….think we’re going to move to Thirtybees. Thank you for getting back so quick too btw

  • Mikey

    Hey, Fabio, why are you so afraid to post my comment?

  • muhiuddin

    Ask developer team to drop project and they should continue support to 1.6 until new project 2.x started . Though 1.6 had reported some serious bug issues i have submitted (still not solved) but 1.6 is much better than 1.7.

    • NemoPS

      Actually this is the reason why we created thirtybees, it’s an evolution of 1.6 and we do listen to the community :)

  • Carl Tremblay-Slater

    Prestashop is now out in beta. I guess we should expect 1.6 to continue updating for the forseeable future? I’ll stick to it as long as possible.

  • Ahmed Abderraham

    Where is Mr. Borderie’s damage control?

    Maybe even him is giving up on trying to defend the technical aberration that 1.7 is? Come on don’t let us down Xavier.

  • haralake

    Where is product comments module on prestashop 1.7??? Is this removed ?

  • Paul D

    Hi Nemo, looking to jump ships to another ecommerce solution, been relatively happy with OpenCart. Would you recommend Magento or Shopify?

    • NemoPS

      Honestly I have no idea since I have never got deep into using either. Shopify should be lighter, magendo needs a high end machine to run

      • Paul D

        I don’t like how your locked into a hosting solution with Shopify. Magento seems clunky and more suited for large companies. OpenCart I like and Prestashop I don’t mind. All Prestashop needs in new management that will listen to the community instead of pumping out new features no one needs.


    I will stick to 1.6 as long as I can.

    • Mikey

      Makes sense.

  • Krystian Podemski

    Hey Nemo,

    many valid points, again, let me comment on some of them

    “Symfony 2: given the fact it’s only been implemented in 2 pages of the back office, it’s not really implemented in all the shop. The front office still uses Smarty.”

    Yeah, from one side themes are completely not compatible with previous version but we still needs to use Smarty, Symfony 2 was a bad decision from the day 0. It was good enough to change some stuff in current framework and just use Symfony components where this was possible.

    Current situation is… chaotic, we have spaghetti code and what is most frighten – what’s next? Do we need to change our modules every time when the new page on Symfony will be introduced?

    “Themes: I already said enough about the classic one, while the Starter Theme is simply one without any css or js.”

    StarterTheme was supposed to be without CSS/JS but after few months i think that this is not a great idea, first of all we should have Bootstrap there, or at least more classes to layout and page elements called ps-shopping-cart, ps-module-block or something like that, just to make sure that as a module author I can rely on these classes. Right now we don’t know what to expect if someone decide to create theme based on StarterTheme. We don’t know if that would be Bootstrap, if FontAwesome would be available etc.

    “Reworked main menu”

    Agree on that, 100%. Searching for an Order Statuses page was a pain.

    “Advertisement, plenty of”

    I’m trying to understand their decision because at the end… this is business and they need to make money too by promoting their own modules, modules from Addons Marketplace etc.

    “Still no documentation”

    Wrong. Of course documentation is a weak point, still, but we have something on the horizon:

    If you’re using IDE like PHPStorm you can easily move through the core using docs blocks and relation between classes thanks to changes made by Michael Dekker so it’s not that bad as it was in 1.6

    Still, some core features are placed in Symfony Bundle, some not, and this is realy, realy bad and chaotic – and this must by documented somehow.

    Overall many valid points, unfortunately for us, PrestaShopers.

    • NemoPS

      Hey Krystian, Thanks for the comment. I didn’t know about the docs honestly, will modify the article now :)

  • Michal H. /Kaper/

    What to say… Just sad. Keep work on 1.6 ;)

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