Importing data into your store: Prestashop Import CSV Tool

Importing data into a web store is essential to keep catalogs up to date. Prestashop offers the possibility to import a vast amount of field types. Let’s take a look at the Prestashop Import CSV tool.

Running Time: 15 mins

Prestashop Version Used:

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Additional Resources

Wikipedia: CSV – Comma separated Values

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  • Ben

    Hi Nemo, do you know why the csv I exported from Prestashop is not including Description, Manufacturer, Discount, etc? It’s only ID, Image, Name, Ref, Categories, Price, Quantity, and Status.

  • Luber Panda

    Hi Nemo, thanks for your tutorial. i have 1 question….

    How to import combination with different attribute but same references code ? say it :
    1. Color : Black, Size : M, Reference Code : ABCD
    2. Color : Blue, Size : L, Reference Code : ABCD

    i tried to import that, but successful only for the second combination. if you know how to fix that ?
    is it possible to do that in prestashop ? i used

    thanks for your advice and help.

  • JIm

    You left out some critical things:

    1: Excel must be set to use the semi colon as the field separator. This is not the default for Excel otherwise it is a jumble when CSV is imported. To import the file use [in Excel] Data>Import External Data>select CSV then change separator to semi colon when it appears.

    2. I have always used category numbers not names and it has worked fine and is easier (IMHO).

    3. Let them know if you leave the image file in (after already loading it previously) it will load it again and you will have the exact same picture loaded twice. Customers will see two pictures (or more if you keep doing it!) of the same thing.

    4. They can make there own CSV file but importing the sample file into Excel, editing it and saving it with their stuff ! For newbies it was not clear.

    As an additional note I have a master Access database with my products (thousands) you can have it export csv files for import with some fiddling just make it look like the sample file set UTF-8 and use semicolon as seperator.

  • dan

    The video is great and everything but why is no one posting how to make the darn csv? There are pages and pages of documents on how to import..its easy, use the drop downs! But HOW do you create the actual CSV?

  • Vincenzo

    how i can import client and andress from one csv file?

    sorry for my english..

    • Nemo

      You can’t. Unfortunately, they must b imported separately :(

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You like the tuts and want to say "thank you"? Well, you can always feel free to donate: