Migrate or open a new shopify store for free

We are thrilled to offer a free store setup or migration to the first 5 clients that will request it.

Wait. Is it really free?

Yes. There are no hidden fees. After the store is complete your are free to choose if to continue being supported by us or not.

How long do I get support?

The support tied to this offer is only limited to the initial store setup (see below)

What do i get if I migrate?

Migration includes selecting a theme that matches your branding and migrating all of the products, pages and features (alternatives are given when impossible/expensive)

What if I want a new Shopify Store

In this case, we will set up the new store, create the necessary pages (up to 3) and choose the proper theme and apps. Please notice you need to provide a spreadsheet with your products, otherwise we can only add 3 and show you how to manually add the rest

Is this valid for existing Shopify Stores?

Unfortunately not. For that, you can contact us and request standard support.