Wood’n Things

Work Detail

Painless migration from PrestaShop

Custom Theme

Customized a premium template to make it unique


Migrated from PrestaShop to Shopify


Wood’n Things is part of the CrossCutCommerce franchise, and it was our pleasure to work on it and other sites of the same group. Since the old website was a constant pain to update, we suggested migrating from PrestaShop to Shopify.

Work Features

Upgrading Functionality

We didn’t simply move the exact same shop from one platform to another, we actually enhanced the base functionality with a new, premium theme that we customized to offer even more to their customers.

Customizing the theme

Because the PrestaShop site was so simple, we wanted to give this customer something more. We Choose a theme that had a lookbook functionality, and more.

Finally, a Blog

The old site did not offer a nice blogging experience, so when we migrated from PrestaShop to Shopify, we chose a theme that made the reading experience a pleasure.

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