PrestaShop Modules Course

Have you been looking for a complete PrestaShop Modules Course, that explains how to create a PrestaShop Module from the ground up? Are you unsatisfied with the poor official PrestaShop Documentation?

That’s why I created this course!

The Complete PrestaShop Modules Course will guide you through the process of making a PrestaShop module from scratch. You will start by learning the very basics of PrestaShop development, such as helpers, functions and hooks, and then move step-by-step to the creation of advanced Addons.

The course is also compatible with ThirtyBees, the PrestaShop 1.6 fork!
Thirty bees modules development Course

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The course is divided into 13 lessons plus a bonus, here is their content

  • Lesson 1: Your First PrestaShop Module – FREE!

  • Lesson 2: Module Structure – Html, Javascript, CSS

  • Lesson 3: The Back Office Helpers

  • Lesson 4: Handling Complex Data

  • Lesson 5: Hooks and Troubleshooting

  • Lesson 6: Managing Custom Database Tables

  • Lesson 6-bonus: Using Cache in your PrestaShop Module

  • Lesson 7: Creating new pages in the storefront

  • Lesson 8: Managing data with new Back Office Tabs

  • Lesson 9: Overrides

  • Lesson 10: Payment Modules

  • Lesson 11: Carrier Modules

  • Lesson 12 :Stats Modules

  • Lesson 13: Creating a Module with Ajax functionality



Your tutorials are usually free, why are these paid?
I’ve put a lot of effort to serve a complete course, that can take anyone who doesn’t know how to code with PrestaShop from the very start to building complete modules. The whole course took over 4 months to be made as it offers a comprehensive guide to PrestaShop Development. Also, if you consider you can make a lot of money selling PrestaShop Modules, I think it’s worth considering it as a little investment on future incomes.

Does it cover PrestaShop templates development?
No, it doesn’t, it covers modules and a good part of the core development. You can find the PrestaShop Themes Crash Course here.

What does it include, apart from video lessons?
There is a folder for each lesson, including the starting and ending points of development of the subject treated. It also includes a complete list of hooks, one for the module tabs in the back office and different “skeletons” you can use as starting point for new modules.