PrestaShop Themes Crash Course

If you are a merchant, tired of spending thousands to hire a professional for simple template modifications, then this course is for you! It will teach you the basics of a PrestaShop Template, so that you can understand its structure, its ins and outs, and ultimately customize it as you prefer.

Unlike my PrestaShop Modules Course, It doesn’t require any prior knowledge, apart from some basic HTML and CSS (Javascript as a plus), so anyone can follow and learn from it!
It’s structure as a crash course, and it will not dive deeper into complex subjects, so that everyone will be able to absorb from it without struggle.

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Prestashop Themes Crash Course Outline

Lesson 0 – Introduction and Tools

Lesson 1 – PrestaShop Themes Structure

Lesson 2 – Header, Footer, Content

Lesson 3 – Quick Template Modifications

Lesson 4 – PrestaShop’s specific Pages

Lesson 5 – Css and Javascript

Lesson 6 – Workshop: Creating a scrolling top menu in PrestaShop


Is this for PrestaShop 1.7?
No, the course is for PrestaShop 1.6 only.

Will you release a 1.7 course?
Not for the time being, PrestaShop 1.7 is still unclear and not definite in terms of structure for a long term goal.

I don’t know HTML, CSS nor Javascript, can I follow this?
You might have a slower pace, but given how things are explained, you should be able to modify the theme anyway, with the help of Google too.

Will it teach me how to create a module, or the basics of PrestaShop?
No, those topics are covered by my PrestaShop Modules Course, and by the PrestaShop 101 series.

Is it covering advanced topics?
No, it is a crash course, so it’s only meant to give you a general understanding of how a PrestaShop Theme is structured, which are the main pages, and how to make simple modifications.

Would you like me to cover other topics?

If you have more suggestions or things you’d like to be covered in premium courses, feel free to drop me an email with suggestions! I will be glad to expand beyond this crash course, with other topics as well as workshops.