Prestashop 101 Day 15 – Prestashop multistore

The number one thing that marks a difference between 1.5 and its predecessor is surely the multistore capability. Let’s see how the Prestashop multistore feature enables us to manage any number of shops from a single admin interface and database.

Running time: 11 mins
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  • catalin

    I am using Prestashop in and i would like to have the prestashop multistore in two diferent subdirectories like this:

    After reading so many other blog posts i still can’t figure it out how can i do that.
    Could anybode explayn how?

  • Almarma

    Hi Nemo!! First of all: congratulations for your fantastic 101 series!! It’s helping me A LOT to understand and start using Prestashop for the shop I’m going to open soon (, for selling electronic cigarettes.

    I want to ask one thing, and I ask here because maybe your answer can help others here too: Why is not recommended to share customers? Why I cannot enable that option in the default category?

    I my case, I want to have two shops inside the same domain: one will be located in Spain, to sell to all Europe (hopefully ;) ) and the other in Norway, to match the specific requirements Norway has about nicotine, and also because I live there ;). The warehouse management is helping us a lot to store things in two countries and play with the stocks as we need in each shop. But it would be fantastic to share the customers between the two shops. Then, if one customer register inside the norwegian shop, he or she also can buy in the main shop, and vice versa. I don’t want to mix orders nor stock, as they will be independent.

    Why is not recommended to share customers? Could I do the same thing without multistores, only using categories as suggested by Prestashop in that blue box? Is there any risk activating that option?

    Sorry, I know it’s a complex question, but it’s driving me crazy and I think it’s quite important, as later I can go crazy if something is wrong ;)

    Thank you in advance and cheers from Norway!!!

    • Spiros Batzio

      Hello Almarma.
      I think i have an answear for your question.In order to enable customer share you have to delete from your database all of your customers.The notice of above that configuration checkbox writes it smoothly “you will not be able to disable this option once you have registered customers.”.So backup your database table of your customers kai then delete it.After that enable Share customers an import the backup to the table of your customers again.
      Hope find it helpful :)

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You like the tuts and want to say "thank you"? Well, you can always feel free to donate: