Prestashop SEO Booster Ultimate now Available!

This tool will make it even easier to tweak your Prestashop SEO and start ranking better in Search Engine Results

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Prestashop SEO Booster Ultimate takes the standard Prestashop SEO Booster module to the next level, providing even more tools to make your SEO easier than ever.

If you already own the SEO Booster standard, and you would like to upgrade it, send me an email with your order id to get the Ultimate version for the price difference only!

Remove IDs on all Urls

Get rid of all those boring IDs and get clean urls without effort. You can also decide to remove the language ISO code to avoid losing any rank, in case you add other languages.

Product Page Analysis

All of the fundamental SEO tweaks for each single products will be shown directly on the Product configuration page. Create a product, fill in all your fields, and have an immediate feedback in case anything you added has duplicates among other products!

SEO Campaign Keywords for each product

You will be able to assign a specific target keyword for each product of your web store, so that you can further tweak and tailor all of its fields to match the specific SEO campaign you want to run for that item.

Website Analysis

Have a comprehensive glance of all the potential SEO issues from the module’s configuration page! You will be able to check meta lengths, their absence, duplicates and keyword presence.
Additionally, the Ultimate version of this Prestashop SEO Booster also included a duplicate Urls checker for both categories and products!

Meta fields Generator

Adding Meta fields for your entire catalog can take a whole lot of time. With Prestashop SEO Booster Ultimate’s builtin Meta Tags Generator, you can easily create your meta fields for the entire catalog with one single click. Choose your category, even the root one (to apply to the whole catalog), the language, and the template for each meta field. You will be able to add any kind of text to them, ranging from the Product Name to the Supplier Name, including any of the names of the parent categories of the product, and price as well!

Robots and .htaccess editor

No need to access your ftp to tweak robots.txt or .htaccess! With the SEO Booster Ultimate you can do it directly from the back office.

ALT editor for all images

If you got frustrated for having to access the database to simply modify an image name, you definitely need this module. All product images will have their ALT attribute listed in the back office, so you can easily tweak it for each specific language you need

Manual Canonical Tag

You won’t simply be able to tick a global setting and enable canonicval tags. WIth the Ultimate version of the Prestashop SEO Booster you can now create specific Canonicals, so that you can tell Search Engines to index a combination as default product page.


  • Link hreflang tag to make Search Engines aware you run the site in other languages as well
  • standard canonicals and rel prev/next for categories, manufacturers ans suppliers.
  • custom routes for each language
  • category tree in categories’ urls, such as
  • open graph tags, supporting facebook, pinterest and twitter

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You like the tuts and want to say "thank you"? Well, you can always feel free to donate: