How to Promote Your Products with PrestaShop Slider Modules

In this article written by Ann Taylor, we will see how you can use sliders to promote your business, and review which ones will do best with PrestaShop

An online shop slider is no longer a gimmick, agree? Probably this is the reason you still don’t have it on your PrestaShop website. A slideshow is a traditional attention-grabbing tool, various types of which are constantly improved with new great features. A traditional tool with a lot opportunities, which very often becomes a kind of organic marketing channel for promoting your best or pushing underselling products. Think of it, there are no chances it can have a bad influence on your traffic and sales.

It’s a not a big task to build a catchy slider and track right visitors to the right products, mostly all types of a PrestaShop slider can do that, but still each one has its own features, functions, and, of course, pricing. If you create a slider with a special tone and style, it can have a power of a well-written nifty word helping you engage much more people. And engaging people often lead to sales. Probably it’s hard to make a completely different exclusive slider, but a bit of personalization, attractiveness and your of course quality products are your best weapon.

How to achieve the best results in building a slider with PrestaShop module? Good question. I’d like to give some humble tips, hope they’ll sound fresh for you:


Images. Slider is a gallery of images. Try to make it a kind of art gallery, namely, reduce useless elements. What does that mean? What’s really interesting in product images, they never lie and never say the truth, it’s your chance to be more genuine and open to your customers: risk to show only images or even a slider in a full-screen mode, where the photos are presented in close-up details. They can even go without additional description and compelling calls-to-action, so the visitors are curious to go to the product’s page and find all important info about it. Though it should not be applied to the announcements of deals, offers and sales, where text messages are the most important.


Ads. Don’t advertise too much, people are not interested in ads, they are interested in particular products and want to know more details about it: instead of saying ‘superb belt’ you can better put some useful info about it in short: brand name, material, design, uniqueness, etc. (a quick hint: the best description of your products and services can be found among positive customer feedbacks!).


Quantity. Yes, you want to sell as more products as possible. But that should not mean putting 20 images into one slider – it can load for a long time or even freeze on some devices. Limit it to 5 – 7 slides. You still have a lot of abilities to create several sliders and put it on different pages or simply replace some slides in your main slider from time to time to monitor which ones have higher conversion and product sales.

Hope that helps. Let’s now revises some of the available popular&fresh PrestaShop slider modules that come with some standout features.

Featured Products Slider module

PrestaShop Slider: Featured Products Slider

Using this module you can create a stunning slider for featuring your products on Home, Category and Products page. Let’s count the options able to help you maximum personalize the slider:

  • Ability to choose a slider position (center, column, none)
  • Setting width and height of the slider
  • Timing of pauses
  • Sorting the products (Random, Top sellers, Most viewed, Recently added)
  • Showing/hiding: a product title, description, price, ‘add to cart button’, navigation buttons/arrows
  • Customizable colors, background, product limits and count, a number of scrolled products
  • Well-documented module.

Layer Slider

PrestaShop Slider: Layer slider

One of the most popular PrestaShop sliders with very good customers’ review. It’s a fully responsive multipurpose tool that comes with 200 presets, 2D and 3D slide transition. Using this module, you are provided with numerous advantages:


  • Admin tools with drag-and-drop nature
  • Real-time slide preview
  • Swipe navigation support
  • Lazy-loads for better slider performance
  • All types of content layers (text, image, video)
  • Compatibility with old browsers
  • Multiple sliders on a single page
  • full-width, full size or fixed dimensions layouts are available
  • Optional auto-start of the slideshow
  • Pauses control
  • Optional random slideshow
  • Opportunity to link any layer to a particular URL.

MotoPress Slider Module

PrestaShop Slider: MotoPress slider module

This module is 3 in 1 solution: image, video and product slider, so it can become your ultimate tool in building diverse sliders. The admin tools look like ones of the most user-friendly with simple animated layers (text, image, video, etc), visual style builder and many auto-embeds of your content. The main advantages include:


  • Fully responsive and retina-ready design
  • Supports swipe navigation
  • Visually customizable fonts, background, and other slider design elements
  • Ability to preview slider in backend
  • Saving and reusing your custom styles
  • Full-screen slider support plus options for manual slider width/height settings
  • Animation effects and ability to preview them before applying
  • Safe import/export of your data
  • Showing products in the slider using macros (auto-embedded slider elements) like Price, Add to cart button, etc.
  • Enabling slideshow on different website widget areas
  • Ability to display the products by categories, tags, in-stock products, on-sale items, including/excluding the products by ID.
  • Link a slide to URL ability.

Slider and Push Products

PrestaShop Slider: Slider and Push Products

The slider developed by Prestashop, which can mean a good reliable product.. It’s a 2 in 1 solution: you can create a slideshow and push the needed products of your online store. The main features include:


  • Shop format adaptation: display both slideshow and push products in two or three-column layout
  • Fully customizable: 9 predefined layouts (among them 5 come with slideshow)
  • Ability to display different images for different language speakers
  • Option to link a slide to an external website


Slider by Category Module

PrestaShop Slider: Slider by category

Despite its limit of displaying the products by category only, this fact can become your advantage as you won’t need to deal with numerous of additional settings. What options does website administrator have? Let’s see:

  • Customizable height and width of the slider
  • Control over slides timing and speed
  • Selectable categories for adding, enabling, editing or deleting slides.


Do you probably use any other PrestaShop slider module that can provide users with more customization freedom and more possibilities? Don’t hide this info then!

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